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Holiday Bella

Hello it is Radar.

I am sorry I have not barked at you lately. It has been a busy season with many balls to catch and trees to write on.

And that is just what keeps humantom busy.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I also wish that you all get to wear awesome boingy antlers like mine.

Holiday Advice for Dogs. From a Dog.

At this holiday season, I also want to share some important holiday advice for dogs. This is my friend Bella. You have seen her before, HERE.

Bella is here to demonstrate the proper way to open and recycle your gifts. Enjoy!

LOL (lots of licks),


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“Tell All Your Friends That I Am Kind.”

Hello it is Radar.

I want to tell you about a wonderful thing that happened because of a terrible thing.

Kind of like how I met Alex, my best friend, on 9/11.

First, here is the terrible thing. My friend humantom will tell this part, because it makes me want to put my paws on my head.

Humantom: Radar is right. The terrible thing he’s talking about is the shooting that took place two years ago at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty first-graders were killed that day.

One of them was this girl, Catherine Violet Hubbard.

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

Catherine Violet Hubbard

She was six.

Radar, please hurry and tell us something good.

“She didn’t care if it was fuzzy or slimy.”

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

Hello it is Radar again.

Catherine loved animals. She used to return bottles and cans to raise money to buy treats for dogs at the pound. (I wish I had known a Catherine when I was all alone.)

She even created an imaginary animal shelter and made business cards for herself as the caretaker.

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at
Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

Think Pawsitive

Here’s the amazing news: Catherine’s animal shelter is about to become real!

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at


This week, the Connecticut House and Senate voted to transfer 34 acres of land that will soon become The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.

The new sanctuary will include a dog and cat shelter and adoption program (Four Paws Up for that!), refuges for farm animals and wildlife, a learning center, and a butterfly garden. (Beware. Butterflies tickle. Trust me on this.)

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

“Once, a butterfly landed on Catherine’s finger, and before releasing it, she spoke to it, saying, ‘Tell all your friends I am kind.'” – CVH Foundation website

Catherine’s parents, Matt and Jenny, have raised over $800,000 in her name, and the donations keep coming. They hope to open the new facility in two years.

“We have said from the very onset of this, we were not going to be defined by the two minutes of evil that took her life.”

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

Radar's Post on Catherine Violet Hubbard at

Jenny, Matt, and brother Freddy

I love Catherine’s Animal Sanctuary. And I can’t think of a better way to honor this special girl.

LOL (lots of licks),

You can read more about Catherine’s Sanctuary by clicking here.

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Facebook page is here.

And if you like this post, please share it with others!

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Radar to the Rescue

Hello it is Radar.

Today I want to tell you about a program to rescue helpless creatures. They are very sad, but there is hope.

Watch, please:

Woof! I love this so much, because it is so true.

Rescue this poor creature 1
Rescue this poor creature 2

This is a new adoption program from the Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne, Australia. You can read more about it on this website. We should do this here, too. I know plenty of humans who need to be adopted by a dog.

(Humantom tells me they call Australia “Down Under,” which sounds like “upside-down,” which does not make sense. They seem to have it just right. Maybe we’re the upside-down ones.)

Human Walking Program

Humans are a very complicated species, and I do not always understand them.

But I know that humans need love and affection. And grass, and belly rubs, and sunshine. Just like dogs.

That’s not so complicated, is it?

LOL (lots of licks),


*An extra biscuit to PawMyGosh for the tip.

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