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Two Great Reviews of Eleven

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Checking in with a short post today to indulge in a little humblebrag. This week saw an embarrassment of riches in my inbox.  But not so embarrassing that I won't tell you about them. DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC First was a glowing review in DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC, a news and culture magazine based in...can you guess?...downtown New York. "It helps explain the tragedy ... MORE  ▶

Who is The Man in the White Shirt?

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The sixth-graders at McKinley Avenue School have been diligently working through Eleven this semester. (You can read more about them and see pictures here.) One of the central mysteries in the story revolves around a character known only as The Man in the White Shirt. Midway through the book, our amateur sleuths were asked to say who they thought The ... MORE  ▶

“I’ve Never Read a Whole Book Before”

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Today, I'm going to brag about my kids. All thirty of them. Mr. Shapiro's Class, Room 26, McKinley Avenue School Since January, I've been teaching Eleven to the students in Jeff Shapiro's sixth-grade class at McKinley Avenue School in South Los Angeles. They are serious scholars, every one. Mr. Shapiro is an old friend and has ... MORE  ▶

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