The sixth-graders at McKinley Avenue School have been diligently working through Eleven this semester. (You can read more about them and see pictures here.)

Mr. Shapiro's class with Eleven

One of the central mysteries in the story revolves around a character known only as The Man in the White Shirt.

Midway through the book, our amateur sleuths were asked to say who they thought The Man in the White Shirt could be, using details from the text to support their arguments.

Bryan C. does an excellent job of citing evidence to show that The Man in the White Shirt could be Alex’s dad.

Ashanti W. can see both sides of the argument. (She meant to say page 150, not 550.)

Christian D. believes we don’t have enough evidence yet to make a judgment.

Mr. Shapiro was proud of the work they did. (Mr. Videographer, though, was still learning the difference between portrait and landscape mode.)

At the end of the day, everyone got a round of “fireworks applause.”