Hello it is Radar.

This is Buffy. She’s a Corgi. Isn’t she just…so completely…her eyes…fur…I…she….


[Note from humantom: at this point, Radar’s giant tongue got tied, and he seemed at a complete loss for words.]

I do too have words. But they are dog words full of complex emotions that humantom does not not know how to translate.

I will try to put this in simple human words: Buffy is the best.

Buffy has a human named Kristy, who is a friend of humantom. They just emailed us about eleven:

“Buffy and I had a chance to read your book.  What a moving story!  Really well told.  Of course, I loved Radar.”  

I love you, too, Buffy. I mean, Kristy.

“It was so suspenseful whose loved one would be the man in the white shirt, and you knew either way it would hurt, but I liked that they all kind of became a family in the end through the experience.”

Kristy understands too well about loss and family.

Before Buffy, a dog named Rocky had Kristy. Rocky was a Corgi, too. This is Rocky.


Rocky died of cancer when he was much too young. Kristy was very sad for a long time. But then Buffy found Kristy, which made her very happy.

Rocky and Kristy

Rocky and Kristy

Buffy and Kristy

Buffy as a puppy, and Kristy

That would have made Rocky happy, too.

Lots of licks,