Hello it is Radar.

I have told you before that I love dogs who are heroes, like the dogs who helped search the buildings after 9/11.

Here is a dog I just met who was not at 9/11 but is like those dogs because he tries to make our humans safe. His name is Artos and he has a business card.

Artos front01222014_0000

Artos back01232014_0000

I am going to ask humantom for a business card.  My business card will smell like tennis ball and old shoe.

hearst and helen POST

Artos works at Hearst Castle, which is a huge house with lots of trees and shrubs. I love trees and shrubs. Love love love.

The humans who used to live here had a dog who climbed a ladder to get into a fountain.

Hearst dachsund ramp by Lance McCord CCommons

I will tell you more about Hearst Castle soon. It has the greatest lake I have ever seen.

Hearst Neptune pool

LOL (lots of licks),