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“I’ve Never Read a Whole Book Before”

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Today, I'm going to brag about my kids. All thirty of them. Mr. Shapiro's Class, Room 26, McKinley Avenue School Since January, I've been teaching Eleven to the students in Jeff Shapiro's sixth-grade class at McKinley Avenue School in South Los Angeles. They are serious scholars, every one. Mr. Shapiro is an old friend and has ... MORE  ▶

Why Writers Procrasti– SQUIRREL!

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Great article in The Atlantic by Megan McArdle about why some writers (ahem...) procrastinate. I fit the "good-in-English-class-so-therefore-creative-writing-must-be-easy" type. When it isn't easy, it feels like failure. But good writing is all about failing. A lot. What exists as a work of staggering genius in your head grows feet of clay as it flops with a wet plop onto the ... MORE  ▶

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